JMSI: A Community of Learners

Who we are and what we have to offer

We are a community of both teachers and learners on our paths to uncovering our True Selves. While many of us live in Montana’s Flathead Valley and others of us are dispersed across the United States and in Canada, there is an energetic sense of connection and support for one another.

Like many other spiritual schools, we believe that every human has a soul and is a fractal of the All, which we refer to as Source.  We as spiritual beings choose to come into human form to experience physicality in a dualistic dimension.

As students, we study the process of how, as sparks of energy we have come into human form and how we exist within our Humankind Energy System.  The breadth of our inquiry is quite extraordinary. Our studies embrace the complex combination of channeled information, scientific archives, and re-membering what has long been lost. Students in our multi-year program are engaged in this profound and yet often subtle course of study. Our classroom experiences are quite different from conventional study in that the learning is far from linear.  We learn in more of a spiral fashion. There are moments when we all feel baffled, and then others where we are filled with delight and excitement that we have brought together disparate pieces of information that are illuminating for us, and indeed all humankind.

While much of what we do is in harmony with other spiritual traditions, we do have original information that is not taught elsewhere. This information complements the spiritual work of other schools and organizations. Our primary teaching describes our Humankind Energy System (HES), that is, specifically, how we function as energetic beings.  We see the building blocks of this physical universe as color, sound, and geometric form.  We apply these and other building blocks in our understanding of the HES.  For example, we work with a nine chakra system in which each of us has an individualized color for each chakra.  We use the chakra colors as a way to balance both our physical and energetic selves.

One of the central components of our studies is that there are six body types, made up of waves of energy that run through our Humankind Energy System.  These energy waves are frequently blocked. The blockages or distortions prevent us from fully accessing our True Self.

Our students learn easy practices to support our bodily systems to come back into balance and thus keep our energy flowing. We do have fun – we laugh a lot and we also support one another in fully feeling our emotions as a path to removing our energetic blocks to our True Selves.  It is an adventure, not always easy, but always fruitful!

As the JMSI learning community, we invite you to try us out with a one hour, half day, or weekend class. Please check our events calendar.  If you are intrigued and want to go deeper, we suggest you begin with the Illumination Counseling Process™ and then consider moving into our multi-year program for deeper study.   We want to support you in opening to the wisdom of your True Self!